To calculate shipping cost:

1) Find your shipping zone: Using the FIRST 3 digits of your zip-code, determine your shipping zone based on the chart below. For example, zip code 15501--take the first three digits, 155, to find in table--is zone 8.

2) Use the chart below to find the shipping cost based on your zone and the number of birds.  If you want an estimate for more than 6 birds, please email us with your zip code and we will help you out.


Call Ducks and East Indies

  • Pet Quality: $50/pair. Great for backyard pets or any situation where winning a show is not a priority.

  • Breeder Quality: $100/pair. Meant for use as breeding stock to produce show offspring and future breeders. Breeder quality birds can also be shown.

  • Show Quality: Starting at $150/pair. Best suited for showing although many show quality birds can also be used for breeding.

Australian Spotteds and Mini Applyards

  • Pet Quality: $40/pair

  • Breeder Quality: $90/pair

  • Show Quality: $140/pair

Bantam Ameraucanas, in Wheaton and Blue Wheaton

  • Email or call for pricing

Minorcas, in White and Black

  • Email or call for pricing