Before making a purchase, please thoroughly read the Following instructions.

Adult Birds: Australian Spotted and Miniature Silver Appleyards are currently available for purchase by clicking the "For Sale" button below.  If you want Call Ducks or East Indies, please submit a reservation form available here

1) Pick out your birds: Click on the button below and add the birds you want to purchase to your shopping cart. Please note that the pictures are of the same breed and quality as the birds you will be sent but are NOT necessarily the exact birds themselves.

2) Find your shipping zone: Using the FIRST 3 digits of your zip-code, determine your shipping zone based on the chart below. For example, zip code 15501--take the first three digits, 155, to find in table--is zone 8.

3) Checkout: During checkout, select the appropriate shipping option based on the number of birds you are purchasing and your zone. Shipping options are organized by price instead of by zone.

 4) Shipment: We will begin shipping orders as soon as the weather is cool enough to avoid stressing the birds. This is usually sometime in late September or early October.  We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays which means orders arrive no later than a Wednesday or Thursday. During checkout, you can let us know of any dates you do not want us to ship to you.

For orders greater than 6 birds and for chickens, please contact us for a shipping quote

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